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the faa of dragging its feet on the issue. >>> a big win for a local company. obama care is coming and the silicon valley company is a key player. scott budman here with an exclusive look inside the company bringing the technology to health care. >> they are, raj. e-health got permission from the government to use the internet based platform to get people insurance under obama care bringing attention to a company from both washington and wall street. >> reporter: health insurance has been a struggle for millions of people, especially those who don't get it through their employer. >> on your health care -- >> reporter: the obama administration wants to change that with its new federal health care law commonly called obama care. >> replaces -- >> reporter: a big beneficiary of obama care is here in silicon valley. >> travelocity is health insurance. >> reporter: one way to describe e health, a company that will walk you through the web of health care on the web. >> we what we've done is really simplify the process, put all of the information very clear language, allow you to compare
coming up in a few minutes. >>> today the obama administration announced legal same sex marriages will be recognized for federal tax purposes. this means that gay couples can claim the same tax benefits as heterosexual couples. the ruling applies no matter where same sex couples live in a state that recognizes same sex marriage. the treasury secretary assured a today the rule assures that same sex couples can move around the country knowing their federal filing will not change. >>> the court is upholding the gay therapy ban. they say it doesn't violate the free speech right. it prohibits practitioners from offering psychotherapy aimed at making gay youth straight. the law has been on hold pending the ninth circuit's ruling >>> for the first time in a decade, scores fell this time on # today's release of the api shows a two point drop in test scores statewide. but a majority of schools continued to meet the statewide target of 8 h00 on the api. open unified, 721, san jose, 798, and san francisco unified, 805. the state also released the most recent numbers for the high school exit
tonight. san francisco, oakland and six school districts have been granted historic waivers by the obama administration. it's the first time that individual school districts have been exempted from the requirement. the federal education secretary says working with individual districts is the right thing to do. critics call it a dangerous precedent. the law enacted in 2002 sets requirements for every public school that receives funding. the exemption gives more flexibility to help disadvantaged students. >>> go to school and you can be whatever you want. that is a message aimed at oakland school students with a little help from a star. ♪ >> marshawn lynch is part of the video that urges kids to attend class. he went to oakland tech and cal before making it big. it's called i'm an oakland school kid and features kids from the oakland unified school district. >> very inspiring. >> good dancers too. >> and talented students. >>> let's get a check on the forecast from our talented weatherman. >> hot video cool on the numbers in the bay area today. plenty of widespread 60s in the north bay.
obama, what he's promising in the wake of the nsa leak. >>> it's not a sky is falling report but a new epa cal study says the effects of climate changing becoming more apparent here in california. what's causing oceans to rise and fires to blaze more viciously than ever before? a reality check is next. >>> also on the run but maybe not for long. a major development in the search for a san diego teenager and a man who allegedly kidnapped her. >>> that blue nissan versa that was a part of this week's four-state amber alert was found this morning in a remote location in idaho. the car belongs to murder suspect james dimaggio. wednesday witnesses on horseback reported seeing a man and a teen girl matching the description of dimaggio and 16-year-old hannah anderson. authorities in san diego county where the girl is there are now assisting local and federal authorities with this search. >> the search will consist of aerial resources, people on horseback, experienced obviously deputy sheriffs and other law enforcement personnel from that area that know the terrain and all the resources of the
risked his life in afghan stand. at a ceremony at the white house, president obama awarded him a medal for his courageous actions. the president thanked him for his actions and service and told his children that their father's heroism is what makes our country great. >> what a true american hero looks like, then you don't have to look too far. you just have to look at your dad. because today he's the sight we come too see. >> i stand here proud that i've been chosen to represent the 50-plus soldiers and the many pilots faced with the impossible on october 3, 2009. >> the president also thanked carter and acknowledged him for seeking counseling, psychological counseling. he is the fifth living recipient to be awarded honors for actions in afghanistan. >>> the u.s. government has now concluded that the syrian government did use chemical weapons against civilians killing hundreds. the u.n. investigation isn't complete, although the pentagon is preparing what could be a military response for president obama's consideration. options include using cruise missiles. secretary of state kerry ca
the u.s. intervene in syria's civil war? that is a question president obama and his national security team are debating right now. >> the options that we are considering are not about regime change. they are about responding to a clear violation of an international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: nbc news has learned the u.s. is ready to launch cruise missiles from the mediterranean sea. warships just offshore prepared to attack syria's artillery stockpiles without sending in any ground troops. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingenciecon. >> reporter: the discussion coming to a head after the white house says it has no doubt president assad's regime used chemical weapons on a massive scale last week outside of damascus. >> chemical weapons have been used. everyone acknowledges their use. >> reporter: the two year civil war has killed 100,000 syrians. million have fled the country and are now living in refugee camps, including 1 million children. the u.s. has support from turkey and brittain. >> it's n
requires vigilance. >> reporter: but president obama, living proof that progress has been made. america's first african-american president. >> because they marched city councils changed and state legislatures changed and congress changed and yes, eventually the white house changed. >> john lewis is the sole surviving speaker from 1953. >> 50 years later we can ride where we want to ride and stay with we want to stay. >> reporter: tens of thousands gathered on the national mall for the commemoration including dr. king's family also jimmy carter and bill clinton. plus care line kennedy, forest whitaker and oprah winfrey. >> dr. king believed our destinies are all intertwined and he knew our hopes and our dreams really are all the same. >> we've got to keep on fighting and we've got to vindicate and stand up and substantiate that the dream goes on until the dream is achieved. >> on this anniversary the president spoke about joining together to build the middle class with improved health care and wages, a theme that will carry into the political budget fight ahead. janelle wang, nbc bay are
not knowing that an incoming student has a troubled past. >>> and finally, tonight, president obama has laid out his vision for public preschool for all. now we're seeing what a poll says. it finds that 50% of voters say they strongly support the president's proposal. 20% say they somewhat support the idea. and 21% oppose the plan. the president's proposal is controversial because it would require raising the toe back coe tax. >>> vector control crews will be out in force in north san jose. take a look at the map here. they'll be fogging for mosquitoes. it will start at 11:00 tonight. and it will take several hours. mosquitoes are very active this year. people are warped to protect themselves and eliminate standing water on their property. >>> there's a lot of talk about commuting. a new study reveals more than half of bay area residents drive solo to and from work. a look at the interchange in san jose, we have made progress. but the study shows the solo driving trend is getting lower as time goes on. and the bay area has the most public transportation users in the state. a uc berkley profe
kind of weather. we'll be right back. >>> first lady michelle obama in new york, encouraging children to participate in sport. it can help them teach them to succeed in life. part of the kick-off of the u.s. tennis tournament. >> if you want to be good at anything you have to work at it. i know your parents tell you that all the time but i want to emphasize it, if you want to be good at anything, you have to put the work in. you have to show up every day. >> u.s. tennis association has joins in michelle obama's let's move campaign, fissioning up tennis courts, training coaches, donating equipment to schools and clubs. there she is. >>> right now, mr. brodie brazil. what do you have? >> story i know you're going to care about, the big game between cal and stanford is actually reported to be on the move, if you can believe that. we'll tell you where the legendary football contest will be held in 2014. also this everybody a's put one down to the wire in baltimore today. a game that oakland's pitcher deserved to win. and did. we'll show you next, how he did it in sports. the critics agree
leaving for his vacation on martha's vineyard, president obama said he had already been moving the nsa towards more transparentscy and accountability. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. >> he betrayed his oath of office. a young generation believe he's a jason bourne. >> reporter: nsa wants a stronger defense from the president. >> he failed to explain these programs which saved lives, stopped terrorist plots. >> reporter: washington wants edward snowden brought back home to face justice. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> still to come an unusual ruling. why a judge has ordered that a baby's name be changed. >>> also paying more for pre-school. the tens of thousands of dollars bay area parents are spending on early education and if the high costs are worth it. >>> al gore will visit lake tahoe next week. he's not vacationing. we'll tell you about his plans. >> right now we're watching the low clouds spill back across the bay from san francisco, approaching oakland, crossing the peninsula eventually into the south bay where we'll see drizzle for tomorrow morning but watchi
that lost a loved one gunned down during protests. >>> president obama's urging both sides of the egyptian conflict to stop the violence as the death toll continues to rise, now over 600 people dead. mr. obama has announced they have canceled joint military exercises with egypt. we have the latest from cairo. >> reporter: egypt is dangerously divided. some people took to the streets today to celebrate the government's crackdown. they said it was a necessary step against a quote terrorist organization. but many people in this country still do back the muslim brotherhood and the ousted mohammed morsi. those protesters who were crushed yesterday were burying their dead. we went into one mosque and saw hundreds of bodies lined up on the ground. there were families coming in looking for their loved ones. some bodies were so badly burned it was unclear who exactly had been killed in this violence yesterday. and this might not be over because this division has not played itself out yet. the egyptian government, the military that took over and through the muslim brotherhood out is showing zero tol
you, sam. do you know how it works? now 57 days until the next phase of obama care takes effect. today senator barbara boxer was in the bay area spreading the world. they say the clinics will be keep in helping educate people about the insurance options. the challenge will be signing up enough people under the age of 30. spreading the word is key for the program's success. officials with the california plan say many of the state's 7 million uninsured will qualify for insurance under the program. >>> and the man suspected of driving his car through a crowd is a drifter with a history of petty crime. he's seen by the dark blue car in the this surveillance video. four years ago he was jailed in colorado for shoplifting and trespassing and arrested for reckless drinking and driving in florida. l.a. police suspect he was living in his car purchased in colorado but had no california's driver's license. a woman on her honeymoon was killed in the rampage. 11 others were hurt. >>> a handful of u.s. embassies in the middle east and north africa remain closed after fears of an al qaeda terror att
will be much easier. it comes after the obama administration asked them to review the policies. >>> becoming conscious of your clothing. we show you how a local non-profit is bringing awareness to a serious issue. >>> and does climate change impact crime? we'll have the new local research. >>> and i'm jeff ranieri in fremont. we're getting geared up for the fremont festival of the arts this weekend. are you excited? [ applause ] we'll talk all about the festival plus your weekend weather forecast coming up in a few minutes. >>> in health matters, what makes something gluten free? the answer impacts millions of americans and a $4 billion business. gluten is a combination of starch and protein found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. when people who have celiac disea disease eat it, it causes problems. the new rules set the limits at 20 parts per million. >>> rising temperatures lead to rising violence? a new studysuggests that shifts in temperatures lead to rises in crime. researchers who looked at studies from around the world with data from 00s of years try to wrupd stand what's behind a
. michelle obama didn't sing on the album but did get big names contributing their voices. it is made to inspire children to eat healthy. >>> she's got some pull. still ahead at 6:00. >>> weather, an awesome tuesday. a lot of sunshine. a little hazy but otherwise looking great this evening. we'll talk more about the warm up coming up. and if you're heading back to school tomorrow, san jose, kids are going back to school. forecast looks even better. i'm back with the full seven day in a few minutes. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university. and this is my home team. this is my large lecture hall. this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at devry.edu. >>> jc penney is facing criticism over a back to school ad that some shoppers say promotes bullying and puts pressure on cash-strapped families. it show as mom sayi
fought medicare for years beforee1 lynn b. johnsonÑi could sign it into law. andlpe1 now obamae1 careÑilp wi online insuranceok marketplace here in california oni] october 1st? aae we ready? these are the folks who ìá& mobilize the 5.3 million californias who are underinsured. we rant wanted to know if they had enoughlp át to prepare gn the bulky amount of material to absorb. >> when i walked in i saw theÑi manual whicht( is about three o four inches thick and i took a picture of it. i was like this is crazy. i never had a manual this thick. >> reporter: but nadya and her colleagues discovered the material in this document isn't that complicated. >> it's a lot simpler than i thought it would be. it would be. >> reporter: there are 13 yr5át companies, some with big names that you recognize that have state approved plans on the exchange. the idea is because there are so many of them in one pool thee1 prices as a whole willlp come down. and while it's true thereó[ ar fancy flowcharts and if you 6lrt here, then you qualify there type of thing, all you know is ifxd you need to know i
is not likely to be seen as legitimate by half the country. >> reporter: president obama has made no mention about what to do with that $1.3 billion in annual military aid to egypt, but the u.s. state department says it will review aid to egypt in all forms. janelle wang nbc news. >>> now about the nsa program. specific violations are coming to light. and they number in the thousands. documents leaked by edward snowden claim the national security agency has broken privacy rules and overstepped its legal authority thousands of times since 2008 when congress expanded its powers. the post claims an internal audit shows nearly 3,000 incidents in just one year. >> we definitely need more oversight. we need more public reports. we need more transparency. it's no longer a tenable position that they trust us. >> the head of the judiciary committee says he'll have a hearing aft break. >>> the government is admitting that there really is an area 51. the classified documents obtained by george washington university confirm the existence of a military air base northwest of las vegas. the site has harbor
. >> reporter: the obama administration is carefully weighing its options. >> we have serious interests in egypt. in that part of the world. this is a very complicated problem. >> reporter: complicated in part because it could hurt a peace agreement the country has with israel and efforts to impact trourism. >> cl it's in compliance with the law, and is it going to get us closer to seeing the kind of outcome in egypt that we would like to see. >> reporter: the white house is reconsidering the delivery of military helicopters as well as other aspects of the relationship with egypt. >>> also new tonight at 6:00, a noticeable announcement from the california republican party. texas governor rick perry will highlight the convention. he is a frequent visitor here and has tried to convince california businesses to relocate to texas where taxes are significantly lower. the california republican convention is in october. >>> now to a followup, the high speed rail is a go. that's according to governor brown. he says the project will not be stopped by a judge's ruling friday which said that it failed to c
. >> janelle wang has been following those developments for us. >> reporter: late today president obama met with cabinet officials and his national security team to discuss aid to egypt. the white house reports that the white house has already suspended aid is completely false. no decision has been made yet. they have been reviewing the $1.5 billion in annual funding since early last month when egypt's military ousted democratically elected president mohamed morsi. >> this government has made promises to transition back to a democratically elected government. the violence is contrary to that promise. and that factors into our review of this aid and assistance relationship. >> reporter: meanwhile, news today that former egyptian president mubarak could be a free man this week. he has been in jail since 2011. but most of the charges against him have been dropped. four state department officials who were placed on administrative leave after the attack in benghazi, libya have been returned to active duty. the officers, though, will be reassigned to jobs with less responsibility. the attack at t
obama raised red flags in the spring. and in a letter to the congress, sebelius warned that up to 70,000 children would lose access to head start. is that figure close enough to be called truthful? >> yeah. don't you think, 57,000 children not getting services that they would typically get otherwise. this is services preparing kids for school. >> reporter: pam shah is president's of california's head start association and operates or partners with eight centers in the east bay. there are other side effects besides students losing slots. her programs had to slash school supplies, close down a center and lay off substitute teachers. the 57,000 figure doesn't tell the whole story. >> i think other people are doing the same thing trying to keep as many slots as they can keep. >> reporter: lillian covers early education for ed source and says that the 5600 slots lost in california are on par with what state educators have predicted. but the fallout is still greater. >> there is a big range of how each program has run. but cutting days has been the most popular way to avoid cutting childre
was backed up for miles. >>> today president obama kicked off a two day tour on increased access to education. federal aid would require congressional approval and would be based on a school's grading. schools would compete for students. the president also wants to tie financial aid to student progress and says the money will be disbursed over the semester as coursework is completed. >> it is time to stop subsidizing schools that are not producing good results nd future. oal is to have college value ratings before the 2015h#o school year. assault at uc berkley%bwentó7!  triggered an audit. ç filed saying thattyç>x cases were eit ignored for8y months or treated with skepticism. it includes three other universities. investigators will focus on the campuses report assaults. k=ie event have a new home here in the bay area. pieces of the berlin wall are on display outsideyqn the mount tape view library. the wall represented the democracy. pxñ installed these massive pieces outside the library today. privately owned business. but)-r4!m after aiup change of k recipient of the donation. >> the
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